SAWA Moringa Powder Is A Versatile Superfood

For now, Moringa is gaining more popularity among superfood enthusiasts. Powdered Moringa leaves have become a trendy ingredient in power bars and smoothies in recent years. But what makes SAWA Moringa Powder a powerful superfood, and set it different from its counterparts such as Kale, Matcha or Spinach? Well, Moringa is not only a superfood, but is also very versatile and easy to consume.

Moringa is versatile superfood that gives any meal a nutrient boost! Moringa is packed with 90+ nutrients, including vital proteins and omega oil, which burns the body and provides long-lasting energy. This superfood can be used in all meals and in all ways without making a big change into your daily cooking and eating habits. SAWA Moringa powder can be used in smoothies, baking, cooking, drinking, yogurt and as an ingredient in salads and ready meals.


The Superhero of all Superfood


Moringa is a versatile and portable superfood that gives powerful nutrients to all your meals. Just like most trendy superfoods, the health benefits of the Moringa tree have been known in Africa and Asia for hundreds of years, but have just recently found their way into mainstream wellness culture. In mainstream wellness circles, Moringa has become popular, because the Moringa powder, which is derived from the its dried leaves contain more Vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas. Additionally, the protein Moringa powder rivals that of milk and eggs.

The super thing about Moringa is that, it is one of those few superfood, that does not only contain high amount of nutrients, but it also super easy to consume and can boost all your meals with all your daily essential nutrients. This means that Moringa can be used in different ways and in any meals, which makes it the superman of all superfood.


Moringa Tastes Better Than Most Superfood


When it comes to taste, Moringa is unlike other green superfoods, it doesn’t have a strong, overpowering taste. It actually has a surprisingly pleasant taste which is why food companies have been quick to include the beneficial tree in pressed juices, nutrition bars, and other healthy snacks. It's subtle, slightly spicy flavour is reminiscent of spinach, making it a natural ingredient to make drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at home.

Moringa also packs more protein than virtually any other plant-based product, and is richer in amino acids, so is increasingly being incorporated into fitness regimes


SAWA Moringa Powder Is Portable


Another important attribute of SAWA Moringa Powder, is that it is easy to use on the go. You can take SAWA Moringa Powder with you to work, and add it to your morning yoghurt, sprinkle it over your salads, sandwich or hot meals during lunch or even take it to the gym after work, and add it to your juice or your post-workout smoothie.

It’s versatile, tasty, and jam-packed with vitamins and amino acids, will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. So it might be time to start introducing Moringa into your daily habits. So click here to learn about the five easiest ways to consume SAWA Moringa Powder.