Iron Comparison Between Moringa and Spinach

Moringa Oleifera, which is commonly touted as a superfood, is a “multi-vitamin in a leaf” that contains protein than yogurt, more potassium than bananas, more calcium than milk, more Vitamin C than oranges and more iron than spinach.

Moringa contains almost 47 percent of the daily iron requirement, which is 25 times more than spinach, 19 percent of magnesium and nearly 33 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A; which is 10 times more than carrots. Moringa is also packed with iron: a 100-gram serving of moringa leaves provides 25 times more iron than spinach.

Gram per gram, when you compare Moringa Powder to fresh Spinach leaves, Moringa has 3 times more Iron than spinach. There’s an astonishing 28 mg of iron per 100g of Moringa Powder, which is even more than any source of meat source.


Why Do We Need Iron?


Iron is the most essential nutrient in our daily lives. This is because Iron is needed to create hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout our bodies. Although, iron is essential to our health, Iron Deficiency is still the number one form of nutrient deficiency in the World. We need to get Iron from natural food sources and not from an Iron supplement.

Iron is vital for muscle health, and without Iron, muscles lose their tone, elasticity and strength. Iron is also vital to our brain health. This is because our brains use 20% of our Oxygen, and sufficient amount of Iron can boost functions such as concentration and mental performance.

People who suffer from fatigue, body weakness, and headaches are likely suffering from Iron deficiency (anaemia) or a mild form of it.

Iron is also extremely important for women, because of blood loss during menstrual cycles.


Why Is Moringa A Good Source of Iron?


People who suffer from iron-deficiency or fatigue need iron supplementation, as well as a change in diet. Iron-rich foods such as fish and leafy greens such as spinach are also recommended to increase iron intake. However, sometimes this isn't enough. This is where moringa can play a vital role in your health.

Moringa Oleifera is a rich source of iron, having 3x the amount of iron in a serving size as spinach. SAWA Moringa Powder contains over 90 other vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to ensure your body can operate as efficiently and normally as possible.

If you have low level of iron or suffer from fatigue, you may want to give moringa Oleifera a shot. It has been shown to elevate iron levels, contains naturally Calcium, Copper, and Vitamin C; which significantly boost the Iron’s absorption and effectiveness. Consuming the leaf powder can regulate glucose levels, they are anti-inflammatory, promotes circulation and aids in digestion.