Five Easy Ways to Eat Moringa Powder

Sawa, we believe that eating healthy food and staying healthy should not be difficult. Moringa has the ability to protect against heart disease, diabetes and inflammation. It is one of those ingredients that are easy to integrate in your daily diets.

First of all, start with small quantity, before ramping up to larger quantity. When integrating Moringa powder into your daily eating habits, start by eating 1 teaspoon a day in the first week. This is not big quantity, however Moringa is super powerful food, and your body needs to adjust to it. In the second week, you can slowly increase the quantity to 1-2 teaspoon per day. Once your body has adjusted to its consumption, you may increase or lower your dose depending on your body's personal needs.

Here are five easy ways to consume Moringa Leaf Powder without making drastic changes in your normal eating habits:

Sprinkle Moringa Powder over Salad and Raw Foods

Moringa Powder is one of those ingredients that is super easy to consume. You can sprinkle into cooked eggs, roasted vegetables or risotto, just as you would with salt and pepper. You can also add it to raw foods such as salad, hummus, peanut butter, yogurt and even ice cream. You can also stir it into foods that have already been cooked and cooled, such as oatmeal.

Cooking with Moringa Powder

Moringa powder is also great in cooking food, but try to refrain from heating it for more than a few minutes. This is because the powder is most nutritious if consumed raw. When adding as ingredient in your cooking, add the Moringa powder in the last few minutes of cooking to limit the exposure to heat.

Mix Moringa Powder into Juices

As mentioned earlier, Moringa is green and has a spinach taste. As the taste might be unfamiliar to some people, one of the best ways to ease into it, to add it in juices. The acidity from the juice can help to compensate for the taste of powder. Mango, apple and orange juices or your favourite juices are great ways to start experimenting with Moringa powder

Baking with Moringa Powder

Baking with Moringa is another great ways of consuming Moringa powder is baking it into breads, cakes, brownies, muffins and cookies

Start The Day with Moringa Smoothies

We can all agree that smoothies are great ways to start the day. They are also great ways to end your daily workout routines. If you already have a daily smoothies routine, simple start by adding 1 teaspoon of Moringa Powder in your smoothies routine.



In case smoothies are not part of your daily diet, make it habit to start the day with one. It is great way to consume fruits and get the important vitamins in your body. Adding Moringa to your smoothies will give your all the nutrients you need to get trough the day. Simply add Moringa and favour fruits into a blender day and enjoy.

Moringa is green, and have a spinach taste, so do not be surprised if the colour of your smoothies changes more than you expected! You can also check out our recipes for inspirations.